Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dictator Crackdown... Zimbabwe Style

Democracy's release the results of an election soon after all votes are cast and counted, dictatorships do not. Dictatorships conceal the results, ask for more time and brutalize people to stay in power.

Dictators think their country and people can't get along without them.
It is a mental disorder known as control freak or prima donna.

Zimbabwe Police Prevent Strike as Mbeki's Mediation Criticized
April 16 (Bloomberg)

Zimbabwe police deployed in the capital, Harare, preventing a strike called by the opposition to demand the release of last month's election results, as South African President Thabo Mbeki's mediation brought no progress.

Police brought water cannons into Harare after the opposition Movement for Democratic Change called the strike. Zimbabweans didn't respond, the state-controlled Herald newspaper reported today. Security forces ``will remain deployed on the ground to ensure everyone's safety and security,'' it cited police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena as saying.

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