Thursday, April 10, 2008

Olympic torch travels through super- liberal San Francisco with no extinguishes... China's ambassador still condems

China would have been better off not condemning the torch run in San Francisco.

China condemns Olympic torch relay disruptions

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's ambassador to the United States condemned a purported attempt to disrupt the U.S. leg of the Beijing Olympic torch relay, saying such "disgusting" conduct was doomed to fail, state media said on Thursday.

Does China have any idea how bad it could have been if San Francisco's Finest didn't go to extreme lengths to protect the integrity of the flame and what it stands for?

China, San Francisco law enforcement and the United States did you a favor today.
They could have allowed protesters to toss the flame off Golden Gate Bridge, they didn't.

China, It is time you rid yourselves of communism. Communism is a stain on the world that has to be erased.

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