Thursday, May 15, 2008

Foreign powers lean on Burma/Myanmar to open up aid effort

Dictators in our world should be called out and crushed. The militarized government of Than Shwe has failed.

YANGON (Reuters) - Western powers kept up the pressure on Myanmar's generals on Thursday to allow a massive aid effort as relief workers struggled to help an estimated 2.5 million people left destitute by Cyclone Nargis.

The European Union's top aid official has warned that the military government's restrictions on foreign aid workers and equipment were increasing the risk of starvation and disease in the country formerly known as Burma.

Nearly two weeks after the deadly storm tore through the heavily populated Irrawaddy delta rice bowl, leaving up to 127,990 people dead, supplies of food, medicine and temporary shelter have been sent out in dribs and drabs to devastated communities.

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Jay said...

What most civilized people of the world fail to realize is that Burma is a Garrison State. In such a nation, the population exists solely to support the rulers and their military. The population that is currently at risk in Burma matters not to the generals except that they can provide soldiers. That population neither pays taxes nor do they draw any government services. They are, in short, Excess Population whose well-being is irrelevant to their government. This natural disaster represents an opportunity for the generals to finally make a profit on the wretched lives of their peasants by stealing the aid that would have otherwise saved their lives. Therefore it is understandable that the generals are in no hurry to save those poor souls.