Friday, March 6, 2009

Will Energy Independence Make The United States Less Secure?

The United States buys a lot oil from the Middle East.

Why would dictators of oil rich countries that no longer receive money from the United States encourage their populous to befriend the U.S.?

Short answer: They won't.

Buying no oil from energy rich dictatorships makes the United States less secure.

They will turn their loyalty elsewhere.

A buy oil for more Freedom and Democracy plan must be put together.


Don P said...

Buying oil from places like Saudi Arabia has not made us any friends in the middle east. The Saudi Sheiks smile and tell us they are our friends, but they take our money and fund groups like the Muslim Brotherhood exporting terrorism around the world. Meanwhile we wind up with shameful scenes where the American President is has to go with his hat in his hand begging our "friends" to increase production to lower the price of our fuel. We get precious little in return for the billions of dollars we send around the world to buy our oil.

chaoticsynapticactivity said...

My belief is we become independent, unfortunately, that actually invites warfare, at what ever level, driven by the Great Satan now depriving them of revenues and crashing their financial systems.

Think about it: If we literally can figure out how to close the money spigot, then they have nothing but the money in the bank...and lots of it, but the finite end will now be in sight. They'll have to man up and take their shot soon, before their people revolt, when it becomes appaernt their leadership screwed the pooch on the entire matter by over playing thier hand, and doing it one too many times.

It will be our fault, the very nation they hated and wanted to destroy, while we bought from them, then we will be seen to be trying to destroy them (remember, these people live in a permanent state of victimhood, for one and also, they haven't bothered to formulate a Plan making their minds useful to generate revenue, and countries without oil deposits have done for decades). No thought will cross their minds about how a product is exchanged for monetary compensation and that is a continuous system, or it's a mess.

We can't step away from the perfect storm we are in the War on Terror (uniformless, stateless soldiers, aka "unlawful combatants" attack at will and we can't really hit a country back). That's when we are using so much oil scenario. In the "we don't need no stinkin' oil" condition, then they hate us even more, for the contrast between the destitute state of what they will become with no more money coming in, compared to the flush with all our money days, will be so great, it will inflame them tremendously.

The only out is to recognize it is strategically important to have equitable trade relations with such countries, yet also make sure they know we can't be blackmailed at a whim of some king of president. Keep it cordial and keep the "but I can dump you if you piss me off" unsaid, yet on the table to see.

You know, Rodney King did have a valuable quote that would make it much better, for all of us and them all at the same time, long as the insist on having this Caliphate thing, we're like all screwed together, and Billy Joel has a song about that.

It really all comes down to having relationships of mutual respect.