Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are Leno and Letterman Really Looking For Obama Jokes As They Claim?

Yes It Was Embarrassing: Leno and Letterman Don't Really Want To Talk About It.
You have been called out.

Jon Stewart had a 3 part opening segment that tore apart fellow liberal Jim Cramer in the opening segment but it didn't stop there. (video next week... Subject to comedy central and political pressure)
*Update: Video Ready

Jon had two more segments after the red meat was served up and the audience and lib bloggers didn't like it one bit.

Segment 1: Tear up Jim Kramer... Lots of laughs. Lib blogs loved it. They posted about it.
Segment 2: Obama gave dvd's to Prime Minster Brown.
Segment 3: Hillary and her screw up with Russia. The misspelling of reset in Russian that translated to overcharge.

Leno did a segment showing Clinton pushing the red (reset) button with the Russians and a bomb exploding in the background, just like Stewart, but no Hillary misspelling or Obama gaffes.

Is this petty? No. The lib media and late night talk shows have an agenda and are being called out for glaring hypocrisy.

On March 9, 2009 Letterman actually said that he doesn't have anything on the guy (Obama). This proves him and his writers wrong and he can't deny it. He will deny it, but he can't defend it.

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Don Meaker said...

Contrast Obama with Travis the Chimp.

Travis the pet chimpanzee, tore a womans face, arms and hands off because he didn't like her hair.

Obama only talks your ear off.