Monday, April 20, 2009

Canadians Film Attack On Somali Pirate Ship

As darkness fell, Cdr. Baines cut the lights and caught up with the smaller vessel by stealth. After firing another flurry of warning shots, sailors boarded the pirate craft, recovering a rocket-propelled grenade round.

The NATO patrol saved the Norwegian tanker from capture and robbed a gang of bandits of weapons, most of which the pirates tossed into the sea while being chased.

But after all that, the Somalis were released. The Canadian sailors, like their NATO allies, lack the authority to make arrests in international waters.

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Bill said...

What a catch-and-relese farce! Yes, of course I'm glad the ship escaped- but why won't Canada (or Holland, or Belgium) exercise their *preogative* under the Geneva Convention on the High Seas to detain and try this pirate scum?

Thank God for the 'don't-screw-with-us' French and Italians!