Friday, April 3, 2009

What to do About North Korea's Imminent Missile Launch

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No third paragraph cliff hangers here... Shoot it down!

Kim Jong-Il is believed to have suffered a stroke and has been absent from important public events. But his regime continues to be one of the world’s most repressive. Hundreds of thousands of citizens including children are imprisoned in labor camps for such “crimes” as hoarding food and “ anti-socialist” activities.

U.S. offers evidence of North Korea-Syria nuclear plant

White House officials tell Congress that Pyongyang helped build a reactor. The timing of the disclosure raises questions.

U.S. intelligence officials showed satellite images, classified photos and other evidence to members of Congress today in an unusual presentation intended to advance the American case that North Korea was helping Syria build a nuclear reactor before the facility was destroyed by Israeli warplanes last year.

FTG-05: Landmark Missile Defense Test

North Korea 'has deployed multiple nuclear warheads' ahead of launch

Shoot the damn thing down. Wouldn't the world be better off in the long run?

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