Friday, May 15, 2009

How MSM Washes al Qaeda Arrests... It Usually Starts With The Headline So You Don't Recognize It

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Headline... Italy arrests linked to Brussels 'al Qaeda' recruiting network

(CNN) -- European intelligence agencies are on alert for new al Qaeda terrorist plots following the arrest of two men at an Italian port and investigations into the activities of an alleged al Qaeda network based in Brussels.

The two are closely tied to a Brussels-based al Qaeda recruiting network, Belgian counter-terrorism officials have told CNN. They are Bassam Ayachi, 62, and Raphael Gendron, 33 -- and they were detained in the port of Bari on November 11 last year after allegedly trying to smuggle three Palestinians and two Syrians into Italy in the false bottom of a camper van they were driving.

A bug planted by Italian police in the suspects' detention facility picked up snatches of conversation about an alleged scheme to attack Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. A partial transcript of one of their alleged conversations has now been released.

"I'll hit de Gaulle," Gendron tells Ayachi.

"We'll hit it there," Ayachi replies. "At night when there will be a lot of people."


Now what would be an appropriate headline?

al Qaeda scum stopped in Italy

Terrorism scum on the run

Sick bastards don't get their wish

Maybe the media can pick things up a notch and stop being afraid.

It might help the cause.

Unfortunately we don't know their cause.

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Dave said...

What do you mean we don't know their cause? Of course we do: the downfall of the West in order to seem more egalitarian, perversion of the justice system in order to protect the downtrodden such as the "North African youths" in Paris from being oppressed by people doing things to them like...oh... self defense from having cars burned, churches vandalized or un overed women raped. Ya know, real oppresive stuff here. And the coup d'gras, they are absolutely on the side of whatever cause is for wiping out Israel first, the Jews second and The US last. We all know their cause. The real trick is for those of us who realize the danger of being defined by our enemies in the theater of opinion to be able to get our message out and fight back in a real and substantive way. IMHO